Suspect Arrested

Wednesday, November 26, 2008, RENO NV: Today in a morning press conference, members of the Reno Police and Washoe County Sheriff's departments, the District Attorney's office and area investigating teams confirmed the arrest of a suspect who has been charged with the murder of Brianna Denison. For more information about the arrest, please go to the Reno Gazette Journal or to watch the press conference go to the KOLO TV websites. If you are with the media, please click here for family contact information.

Grand Opening for New Foundation Location


On November 1, 2008, the Bring Bri Justice Foundation held a Grand Opening and Appreciation Celebration for the people of Northern Nevada. The Center for the Bring Bri Justice Foundation is located at 5000 Smithridge Drive, A-9 in the Smithridge Shopping Center on S Virginia Street and S McCarran near Toys-R-Us.

The event was designed to introduce the community to the functions of the Foundation’s Center for Justice as well as provide safety awareness. Additionally, the Foundation shareed its gratitude for the tremendous support the community has given to the Denison family and the Foundation since Brianna’s disappearance. The Foundation would like to include members of law enforcement, searchers, volunteers, donors, and Foundation members, in appreciation for all they have done.

The celebration included games and giveaways, finger printing, raffles, face painting, balloons, Bounce House, live music, along with food and drink. The focus was on safety awareness and was free, open to the public, and family-focused. All proceeds from the event will be used in Nevada to further the goals of the Foundation.

Brighton's Song: "Not Time To Say Goodbye"

Brighton Denison, Brianna's younger brother, wrote and produced this song for his sister. His collaborator on the song is co-writer and close friend, Danielle DeTomaso. They want the world to hear it! Please click here to download and play the MP3 file "Not Time to Say Goodbye."

Louis Bonaldi's Song: "Bring Back Bri"

Please click here to download the MP3 song, "Bring Back Bri".
Bring Back Bri
Music and Lyrics: Louis Bonaldi
Piano: Louis Bonaldi
Vocals: Tim Snider, Rodney Branigan, Trevor Gilmer
Recorded at Tanglewood Productions, Reno, Nevada
Special thanks to Sol'Jibe and everyone who helped with this recording.

Brianna Zunino Denison (1988-2008)

Brianna Zunino Denison, known for her million-dollar-smile and sparkling blue eyes, her tremendous outgoing nature and compassion, died in Reno, Nevada after being abducted on January 20, 2008. She was 19 years old.

Brianna was born on March 29, 1988. She was lovingly known by her mother as Breezy, because she reminded her of a “breath of fresh air on a cool summer day.”

She spent her childhood in Reno, Nevada, and in her mother’s native town of Mendocino, California. Brianna’s passion for traveling and world cultures took her to Hawaii, New York, Mexico, Jamaica, Japan, Italy, Egypt, Hungary, Austria, and France. She studied abroad in Rome, Italy for a year with her family. Her ability to connect with people from all walks of life became part of her radiant personality.

When Jeff and Bridgette Denison’s children, Brianna and Brighton, were born, they considered them to be the greatest gifts of their lives.

Brianna was raised in the tradition of honoring children as our most precious possessions. Brianna’s mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends instilled in her the merits of being a loving, spiritual, respectful and trusting human being.

She loved children and animals; especially her dog, Ozzy.

Brianna graduated from Reno High School in 2006. She was a sophomore at Santa Barbara City College, majoring in child psychology.

She is survived by her mother, Bridgette Zunino-Denison and younger brother Brighton Denison of Reno, her maternal grandparents Bob and Barbara Zunino of Mendocino, her maternal uncle, John Zunino and her cousin Ashley Zunino.

She also leaves behind her paternal grandmother, Carol (Fifi) Pierce, her aunts, Lauren Denison and Rena Denison Terry, uncles Mark Denison and Steve Terry, and 13 loving cousins, along with many extended family members throughout Nevada and California.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to her Foundation, “Bring Bri Justice” to help bring her killer to justice.

From the Zunino Denison Family

On March 29, 1988 Bridgette and Jeffrey Denison were given the incredible gift of their daughter Brianna.

On January 20, 2008 she became the daughter of our entire community.

On behalf of Brianna’s mother Bridgette, her brother Brighton, the entire Denison and Zunino family:

We want to thank the Reno Police Department for all of their support, the community of Reno, the devoted volunteers, searchers, the media and everyone involved in the search for Bri.

This is a difficult time. We ask first that every woman be diligent about their own safety and that each and every one of you protect the women and children in your community. We ask once again that if there is anyone out there with information, we beg you to come forward. Now is the time.

And finally, we want to say that we are grateful for many things. Grateful for all of your actions, thoughts and prayers. Grateful for the gift of Brianna in all of our lives. Grateful for the joy that she brought us and for the cherished memories of her that are a source of comfort. Memories that give us strength to see beyond our sorrow, sustaining us in spite of our grief.

Please don’t forget Brianna….

A Prayer for Brianna

Dearest Mother Father God, we know and acknowledge you as Source.

We hold ourselves as one with you, in a unity which flows through us and all creation. In our faith of this holy union, we step up to our declaration that Brianna is whole, healed, and complete. We connect with that which is Divine in all of us and jointly extend our compassion to Brianna and all those who love her, and whom she loves.

We assert that there is nothing in creation that can succeed in assaulting the Divine, and that our faith lives in the invisible realm of Spirit, bringing forth physical manifestation all around us. In this faith, for those of us who believe in Jesus, we ask in His name. For those of us otherwise connected, we call upon our love of God to sustain us all in a unity of Light and compassion.

We deliver her into your divine hands, for there is nowhere else with greater healing and compassion. Having delivered her to Your care, we release our prayer and intention to Your vast heart, and align ourselves with Divine Highest Good. Knowing that it is now done, we enter into gratitude, giving thanks for all now being well.

Help us Tell Brianna's Story

We need your help to tell Brianna’s story!

Developments in this case are ongoing and all facts should be checked with both police and family representatives.

High-res photographs, some not previously published, of Brianna and her family are avaliable, as well as documentation of the events in Reno following this case. Resources are available on many levels so please ask!

Access to photograph and interview members of the Zunino-Denison family will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

A partial list of broadcast media, links to online video tapes of previous interviews and reports, and major news articles is also available upon request.

Family Media Contacts:
Broadcast Media: Jennifer Bushman, (775) 287-6859
Family Spokesperson: Lauren Denison, (775) 544-5183
Print Media: Jain Lemos, (415) 265-8292
Website Coordinator: Spencer Terry,

Safety Tips for Women

Trust your instincts. If someone or something doesn’t feel right, leave immediately or get help.
Be aware of your surroundings. Take the iPod earphones out of your ears. Don’t talk on your cell phone while you are walking, especially at night. Know where you are going and what’s going on around you.
Think about what you are wearing. Don’t wear “hoodies” or sweatshirts with hoods that can be pulled over your eyes and face in an attack. Cover up (or just don’t wear) provocative outfits. Don’t wear shoes that could slow you down.
Use confident body language. Keep your head up, swing your arms, and walk briskly with purpose.
Lock your doors. Have your keys ready in your hands as you walk to your car. Once you get into your car, lock the doors and drive away. When you get home, make sure your doors are locked once you are inside.
Have a plan. Know in the back of your mind what you would do if attacked. If he wants your purse, don’t hand it to him, throw it to the side and run.
Don’t be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Walk in groups. Avoid walking alone in parking garages, dimly lit streets or alleys. Don’t drive in unfamiliar or bad neighborhoods alone.
Use your voice. Make noise. Scream for help and run away screaming when possible.
Don’t be afraid to come forward if you are the victim of an attack. You might help save another woman’s life!