Plans for Bri's Blue Ribbon Campaign

MARCH 20, 2008, RENO, NV: The Board of Directors of Brianna Denison’s Foundation, “Bring Bri Justice” today announced future plans for their signature blue ribbon campaign. They also emphasized how grateful the family is to the Northern Nevada community for their continued help since Brianna was first discovered missing sixty days ago.

Blue, Brianna’s favorite color, quickly became a connecting symbol as search teams and volunteers came together throughout the region. After Brianna’s body was discovered, the Foundation’s focus changed from search to justice. Friends and family asked everyone to wear blue and display blue ribbons as a remembrance of Brianna and as a reminder to be vigilant about personal safety.

In remarkable support, the Reno area became covered in blue ribbons as people participated by hanging ribbons on everything—from cars, mailboxes, gates and trees to traffic signs, bus stops, lamp posts and store fronts. Recently, the Foundation was alerted that many of the ribbons and related posters are becoming tattered and strewn about, possibly leading to a litter hazard.

In response, the Foundation is further defining the blue ribbon campaign. According to Lauren Denison, Brianna’s aunt and Foundation Board Member, “Our goal is to raise awareness of the issues the Foundation is adopting. We definitely don’t want to upset anyone in this town, especially after all that has been done to help us.”

The Foundation is urging anyone who finds blue ribbons or signs that have become litter to kindly recycle them, or contact the “Bring Bri Justice” Command Center who will send volunteers to the area to clean up. The Center can be reached by phone at (775) 785-8303 or by email:

The Foundation is planning to create a more permanent ribbon design for those who wish to participate as the blue ribbon campaign continues. These will be available at the Command Center at no charge at a future date to be announced. Until that time, however, the Foundation welcomes help with removing any ribbons in order to keep the town clean.


Brianna Zunino Denison was visiting family and friends in Reno, Nevada during winter break from college in Santa Barbara, Calif., when she was abducted on January 20, 2008 at a home near the University of Nevada, Reno. Her body was found the following month on February 15 in a field near an industrial park in south Reno. Brianna’s abduction and death has been linked through DNA to at least two other sexually motivated attacks near UNR. Her killer is still unknown and at large.

Brianna’s Foundation “Bring Bri Justice” was established to find her killer and bring him to justice by widely publicizing case details, toughening laws for sex offenders, supporting the building of new DNA processing labs in Nevada, and advancing public safety awareness for women and children. For more information, please visit the official family website at